Innovation Development Enterprises of America

About The Business:


Founded in 1989, IDEA is a small, veteran-owned family business. Our primary offices are near Defiance, MO, about 20 miles west of St Louis.

IDEA helps its clients to understand and apply computers and communications systems to solve problems and seize opportunities. We design and build information systems, with particular emphasis on rapid implementation, spiral development, and high return-on-investment. We also offer IT and management consulting services; and “The IDEAworks™”, a targeted workshop customized to help each client identify innovations and encourage innovators. IDEA is also helping its clients exploit the exciting new technology of desktop business video, to improve training, marketing and presentation; and to create profitable products and services.

From 1995 thru 2007, IDEA’s Principal Consultant Mr. Larry Crain led the design, development and support of Air Mobility Command’s CMAS system. First as a Reservist, then as subcontractor to Harris Technical  Services Corp – AMC’s prime CMAS contractor – we were part of the team which weathered the “Year-2000 (non)crisis”. We then built the second-generation web-based CMAS-2, fielded late in 2000. Since then, IDEA has helped support and enhance that current version of CMAS, including tweaking it at the beginning of FY’06, when AFRC (AROWS) took over MPA order publication. Starting in 2007, IDEA designed a completely new CMAS-3 version, worked with the HTSC team to program it, and assisted in testing CMAS-3 at Air Mobility Command. CMAS-3 has now been successfully deployed at AMC, Air Combat Command, and across the USAF and DoD.

In IDEA’s 24 years of operation, we have also served a wide variety of other clients and projects.

With over 40 years total experience in the military, in government contracting, and in business consulting, we have both the knowledge and the commitment to create and implement solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We would be pleased to meet with you at no cost and no obligation to explore ways that your organization could benefit from our services.

2564 S. Highway 94,  Defiance, MO 63341

314-541-4499    --     800-981-IDEA (4332)